Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fire Safety for Kids - Free e-book and App!

Last spring, I co-authored (with a few New York Times best-selling authors) a book about fire safety for 7-10 year olds.  My segment was on the science of fire safety.  It was a fun project and the final product just released in the form of a free e-book.  You can access the book at the bottom of this page:

And, for you teachers out there, here are some ccss-aligned teaching materials if you want this stuff to make it into your classes:

After downloading the book, I read it to Jude (my 5-year old).  Not only did the book keep his interest, (actually, that is an understatement...he interrupted me constantly with questions), but it proved to be a necessary vehicle for teaching him fire safety.  We quickly realized that some essential conversations had not occurred in our home and this book, amid engaging narrative, instructs on these essentials elements of fire safety.

Not only because I helped author this and you want to support me, but also because it is a fantastic instructional tool for both fire safety and about fire in general, I recommend that you take a minute to download the book.

While you are at it, there is also a free app.  You can look up Sparky's Birthday Surprise in the app store or locate the app at the same link above.  This app is for ages 2-6 and Greta loves it.  It read some stories to her today while Stevi enjoyed 30-minutes of quiet reading time.  Did I mention that it is also free?